Consignment FAQ

When can I bring items in?



What types of items are accepted?

*Clothing (0-12)

*Baby equipment





Do you accept any season anytime?

YES!!!  We have on-site, off season storage, so you can make more room at your house whenever you are ready to do it.


Are my items Discounted?

Items are consigned for up to 180 days.  Items will not be discounted more than 30% up to 90 days.  After 90 days items may be discounted to sell.

What percent do I earn on consigned items?

You earn 50% of selling price for furniture and equipment and 40% for all other consigned items.  If you choose to be paid by store credit, you will earn the higher 50% for all consigned items.

Do you buy items outright?

We do offer to buy out items that we cannot price for more than $5.  Common items we buy outright are books, videos, small toys, clothing from discount stores, and accessories (ie. hats, gloves, hair bows, tights).  If you accept a buy outright offer, your account is credited on the spot.

How do I get paid?

You can choose to be paid by PayPal, check or by store credit.  PayPal is deposited, and checks are available for in-store pickup, 4 times a year based on the first letter of your last name.  If you are paid by check you must call 24 hours in advance, during your pick up month, before picking up you check.  If your account is less than $10, it will accrue until the next payout date.

When Do I get paid?

You will be paid during your pickup month ONLY

Last names beginning with A-M: Mar, June, Sept, Dec

Last names beginning with N-Z: Jan, Apr, July, Oct